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Dragon Boat

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As Dragon Boat enthusiasts, we are keen to pass on our passion through the events we organise. Festivals, corporate events, training camps; we have been creating unique tailor-made Dragon Boat experiences for over 10 years.

Dragon Boating ?

Embarking in a Dragon Boat is like stepping in the heart of teamwork. No such thing as "stars" in the boat, no number 10, just one team paddling together towards a common goal.

This mindet is the very identity of our activity, the one that our team wants to pass on to you at each and every opportunity.

Will you be the next to join us?

chiffrés clés de la société dragon boat attitude

our values,the dragon boat ones

  • respect

    From our differences comes our strength

  • Cohesion

    Paddling further together

  • Going beyond the self

    Be a strength to the team

  • Friendliness

    Encourage, congratulate, celebrate!

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