We’re there ! From 30th July to 2 august 2015, France hosted for the first time a Dragon Boat international competition.

In fact, European Club Crew Championships had been held  in Divonne-Les-Bains.
This competition, reuniting 15 nations and more than 1200 athletes coming from all over Europe, had been a real baptism of fire for Dragon Boat Attitude, appointed by the European Dragon Boat Federation on the organization of this event.

Everything started on Thursday with the traditional colourful opening ceremony, in the presence of Etienne BLANC (Divonne-Les-Bains’ MP and mayor) and Mike ASHLAM (IDBF President)
After great dance and Qi Gong demonstrations by the Kung Fu Shaolin organization, boats entered in the arena, blindfolded and silently. After having uncovered dragons’ eyes following chinese traditions, Alan VAN CAUBERGH, EDBF president proclaimed the 16th European Club Crew Championships opened.

Then, team met on 3 different  distances: 2000 meters, 500 meters and 200 meters in standard or small boats in mixed, open or women categories.
2 nations stood out from the rest: Germany and Russia.

All results are available here: https://idbfchamps.org/2015_div.php

Thanks to support of Divonne-Les-Bains citycoucil, partners and volunteers from Kayak Sans Frontieres, Dragon Boat Attitude took up this challenge with panache.
Competitors and EDBF members hilighted the complete success of this event.